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Workshop 3

21st Century Toxicology- The Revolution Has Arrived!

17 February 2019 | 08.00 – 16:00

Toxicity testing is experiencing a paradigm shift due to the revolutions in biology and biotechnology. Advances in toxicogenomics, bioinformatics, systems biology, epigenetics, and computational toxicology are rapidly transforming toxicity testing from a system based on whole-animal testing to one founded primarily on in vitro methods that evaluate changes in biologic processes using cells, cell lines, or cellular components, preferably of human origin.

The potential benefits of this transformation are clear and have already been applied to a recent large scale water contamination event in the USA. The 21st Century toxicology revolution produces results that are Better- Faster- Cheaper and Clearer than historic large-scale animal testing methods. The testing changes are generating more robust data on the potential risks to humans posed by exposure to environmental agents and to expand capabilities to test chemicals more efficiently. This improved scientific foundation offers the prospect of significantly enhanced risk-based regulatory decisions and possibly greater public confidence in and acceptance of the decisions.

This 1-day short course will utilize a case study approach based on an actual event that occurred in the USA involving the accidental release of an usual chemical into the water supply system for over 300,000 residents of a major metropolitan area.

The course will sequentially take attendees through the actual event using a variety of materials including published papers, news reports and videos. The crucial role of 21st Century toxicology studies will be explored in depth. The class will be a mixture of short lectures, small groups exercises and group discussions. Reference materials will be electronically provided for all attendees.

Key Course Objectives

  • Understand how to evaluate environmental emergencies involving chemical releases
  • Learn how to rapidly gather and access critical sources of toxicologic information
  • Learn how to define critical toxicologic data gaps
  • Learn how to perform valid, rapid assessment health survey tools
  • Understand the techniques and strategies behind 21st Century toxicology techniques
  • Understand how to interpret 21st century toxicology data
  • Be ready when the alarm bell rings!


Gary Krieger
NewFields, LLC

Dr. Krieger has been involved in multiple public health evaluations, health impact assessments, risk assessments and toxicology evaluations in both the United States and Overseas. He has co-authored, edited and published two editions of a large textbook on medical toxicology of hazardous materials. In addition, Dr. Krieger has edited both editions of the book on environmental practice for the National Safety Council. He has also co-edited two editions for the text on Occupational Health for the Safety Council.  He has been a co-editor of three additional Occupational Safety and Health books for the National Safety Council and a guest editor of the Medical Clinics of North America, Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Krieger is a recognized toxicology expert in US Federal and State courts and has been involved in many of the world’s largest environmental toxicology release events. He is certified in Toxicology, Occupational Medicine, Internal Medicine and has a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Course Fee: $500
Length: 1 Day

Aloft Dhahran Hotel
21st St, King Saud Branch Road Crossing
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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